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Hello, my name is Amy owner of Amy B Goodies. I have been baking since I was a little girl. My passion for baking  was encouraged by my mother and grandmother.Then, in cooking club my Texan teacher, Mrs. Mac spiced things up in the kitchen. She helped me polish my baking skills and bake with confidence. Now, thanks to her I bake desserts, as if my life depended on it! In one way or another, these ladies influenced my life. They all played a significant role in my baking career.


During my occupational endeavors I came across the art of being creative with my treats. After a couple years of recreational baking, I was drawn into the world of professional baking by popular demand. I pride myself on perfecting the classics as well as experimenting with new flavors and pushing the boundaries of the taste buds. I enjoy baking delicious treats, and of course eating them. I find that baking helps me express my creativity, like an artist.


Some of my creations will be different than the norm, but I can guarantee that your taste buds will dance! These are specialty gourmet treats packed with flavor, so they won’t be plain. Take my “Luscious Lemon Linda” creation for example, the frosting we all know tastes good, but the cookie itself will taste even better. I feel the cookie is the foundation and without a solid foundation the whole treat would fall apart, including its flavor. Amy B Goodies is sure to leave you craving more! You won’t be disappointed!


Amy B Goodies

Lemon Delights


Oatmeal Cookies

Lovers of the raisin and oats duo

M&M Cookies

Lovers of the classic M&M cookie

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Lovers of White Chocolate

Chocolate Mint Dreams

Chocolate Mint Lovers

Lemon Chippers

Thin cookies with Lemon & Pecan

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut

Chocolate chip and Hazelnut

Double Chocolate

Rich Chocolate Cookies

Peanut Butter

It's Peanut Butter Cookie Time!


A hint of chocolate and almond.

Orange Snaps

Lovers of crunchy cookies

Coconut Dippers

Coconut Lovers

Sunday Butters

Not your average cookie a little on the adventurous side.

Twisted Grasshopper

Lovers of the sweet and salty duo

White Chocolate Token Hearts

Lovers of Frosted Cookies

Vivacious Velvet

For the adventurous foodie

Berrylicious Beauties

Chewy cookies with Raspberry

Raspberry-Lemon Zingers

Raspberry & Lemon flavored

Cherry-Almond Blossoms

Cherry- Almond flavored

Mint Madness

Chocolate & Mint ( stronger mint flavor)

Chocolate Berry Pizazz

Wild Strawberry and Decadent Chocolate

Orange-Mango Passion

Orange and Mango

Chocolate Vanilla Whip

Chocolate and Vanilla

Birthday Bash

Loaded with Nerd candies and topped with an orange frosting.

Strawberry-Lemonade Cookies

Strawberry and Lemon

Chocolate Mania

Chocolate fluffy cookie with pieces of oreo, topped with a cookies and cream frosting

Luscious Lemon Linda's

Lemon cookie with frosting

Radiant Raspberry


S'mores Galore

A traditional camping treat all rolled into one!

Chocolate Orange Thins

Orange thins with dark chocolate drizzle

Caramel Masterpiece

Chocolate & Caramel

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate Peanut Butter with Toffee Bits

Chocolate Berry Kiss

Rich chocolate brownie with a strawberry filling.

Cin-illa Brownie

Vanilla - Cinnamon frosting on top of a moist brownie

Mint Blast

Chocolate and Mint

Mini Red Velvet Squares

Chocolate chips,ganache, drizzled with icing.

Crazy Coconut Brownies

Chocolate Brownie with a delicious Coconut & Pecan Icing

Lemon Minis

Lemon & Cream Cheese

Baby Shower Cookies

Soft Lemon cookies with a Blue Raspberry icing, topped with a Teddy Graham.

Army Helmets

These are chocolate and strawberry.

Holiday Treat Box

Assortment of Treats

Holiday Cookies

Cookies for the holidays

Chocolate Strawberry Hearts

Chocolate and Strawberry

Leprechaun Chocolates

Chocolate candies filled with peanut butter

Charmed Clovers

Chocolate Stout with Baileys topping

Shiny Shamrocks

Chocolate with Almond-Maple topping

Valentine's Day Treat Box

Spiced Cookies

Spiced cookies with a cinnamon glaze

small treat box (Assortment)

4-1/4 X 3 X1-3/8 assortment of cookies, and candies

Candy Corn Creation!

A touch of candy corn.

Halloween Cookies

Chocolate cookies with orange flavored icing.

Easter Cookies

Assortment of flavors ( almond, vanilla, etc.)



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