Hello, my name is Amy Blanchard creator of Amy B Goodies. I have been baking since I was a little girl. My passion for baking  was encouraged by my mother and grandmother. Then, in cooking club my texan teacher,  Mrs. Mac spiced things up in the kitchen. She helped me polish my baking skills and bake with confidence. Now, thanks to her I bake desserts, as if my life depended on it! In one way or another, these ladies influenced my life. They all played a significant role in my baking career.

During my occupational endeavors I came across the art of being creative with my treats. After a couple years of recreational baking, I was drawn into the world of professional baking by popular demand. I pride myself on perfecting the classics as well as experimenting with new flavors and pushing the boundaries of the taste buds.  I enjoy baking delicious treats, and of course eating them. I find that baking helps me express my creativity, like an artist.

Some of my creations will be different then the norm, but I can guarantee that your taste buds will dance! These are specialty gourmet treats packed with flavor, so they won’t be plain. Take my “Luscious Lemon Linda” creation for example, the frosting we all know tastes good, but the cookie itself will taste even better. I feel that the cookie is the foundation and without a solid foundation the whole treat would fall apart, including its flavor. You won’t be disappointed! Amy B Goodies is sure to leave you craving more!