For most people, (including myself) starting a small business is challenging. Every decision that is made comes with more problems than solutions. However, when things start to come in to place there is a glimpse of hope. Eventually, all the hard work pays off.

Now, let’s talk about some of the obstacles I recently encountered. The last time I blogged I mentioned shipping my products.  During these last few months I’ve become interested in being a cottage food operator. This is someone who packages and delivers  their products from home.They aren’t able to ship their products out of state. I’ll explain some of the components of becoming a cottage operator in a later post. During my research I discovered that there cannot be any cream on top or inside a baked good. Much to my dismay, I like to bake with cream cheese. An overwhelming sense of discouragement came over me. I felt that same feeling when I desired to be a physicians assistant and could not. I realized that dream was crushed, but maybe I wasn’t meant to be a physicians assistant.

On a side note, most people have an idea of what career path to take and know they belong in that profession. Honestly, I’ve never known what I’m supposed to do for a career. Instead of searching for the perfect profession, I’ve learned to be flexible with any job I have. I share my gifts, talents, and experiences with my coworkers wherever I go. Will I ever be an owner of a store front? I don’t know. But you can believe I will continue to share what I know and have learned with anyone who wants to listen.

Anyway, all of that to say I had a decision to make; stop pursuing this dream or  make a new frosting. I chose to create a new frosting; no butter, no milk, and no cream cheese. Amy B Goodies is all about flavor and I was worried the new frosting wouldn’t be tasty. Well, I’m pleased to say the new frosting is flavorful!  I’m still perfecting it, but once it is ready I will move forward with delivering my products. Thank you for joining me in this business adventure.