Hello, I hope everyone is having a great week. I’d like to apologize to my readers for not blogging sooner.I was so eager to share what I’ve learned about these fun creations,that I forgot I had to prepare for taxes.Honestly, I rather be baking delicious treats, than do taxes.However, taxes went well, Amy B Goodies is showing progress each year. I’m so blessed to be able to have a supportive husband and the funds to be creative with these treats. 


               Let us go behind the scenes of Amy B Goodies, which was a turning point in my life.I started thinking of ideas and creating these treats in my little apartment in Los Angeles. One day, I was cleaning my clothes at the onsite laundry mat and ran into an intelligent man, I’ll call him Peter. I was lost and had no idea what I was supposed to do in life. I didn’t have a job and I had a bachelors degree in Liberal Studies, which I wasn’t going to use. Peter saw this opportunity to encourage me to follow my heart and the dream of making Amy B Goodies a reality. He was the first person to believe in Amy B Goodies. I am so thankful I was able to meet this man.I remember him telling me, you could be the next Martha Stewart or Famous Amos.I thought to myself, I don’t know if I’ll get that famous, but a girl can dream. It was quite encouraging to me, since this man didn’t really know who I was.Thank you to the intelligent man(you know who you are), for taking the time out of your busy day to encourage a young lady to follow her dreams.I will never forget you or your kind words. Since my time in Los Angeles, Ca. I can see how much Amy B Goodies has grown over the years.


              Enough business, how about those St. Patricks Day cookies! Well, I made two kinds of cookies chocolate stout with Baileys, and chocolate with maple-almond. These cookies presented me with a challenge, but once I decided what ingredients to use it was smooth sailing. Once I had the two cookie doughs mixed, I placed them inside the freezer overnight.The next day I rolled out the dough and used the cookie cutters.


              Frosting these cookies was probably the toughest part of this process, but definitely the most fun. After, letting the cookies cool I started to make the outline for each cookie. A quick tip,freeze the cookies that have the outlined frosting on them, this will help when filling them in later. While I was outlining and filling these cookies, I was reminded of coloring as a kid.I remember my oldest sister showing me how to stay in the lines when I colored the pages.Even now, I always try to stay in the lines.It’s amazing the activities we learn as children, we use as adults.


               Now, filling the cookies can be a simple process if the frosting is at the right consistency. A helpful tip, add drops of water to the filling to thin it out. Remember the frosting needs to be able to fill in the whole cookie.I would also recommend using a trussing needle. I use the trussing needle to fix imperfections. As you’ll see in my pictures, the trussing needle doesn’t fix other mistakes. For example, while you’re fixing one cookie, another one accidentally gets squished by the hand, which is holding the pipping bag. Accidents and imperfections happen, especially while baking. You can only control so much, just do your best.



               In every entry ,I will be discussing what I’ve learned through each baking experience, or what I can improve on for the future. These St. Patricks Day cookies were already a challenge from the beginning. I had never made a cookie using stout before. First tip, I learned to add sweeter ingredients when baking with stout.For those who don’t know stout tends to taste bitter.Balance the bitterness with an ingredient like, brown sugar. Brown sugar not only adds flavor, but adds moisture to your cookies.You can also use less stout in your dough and that will solve the problem too.This is a good tip. However, the most important tip I learned was to manage my time better. I would highly recommend baking and outlining the cookies the day or night before. These cut-out cookies need to be completely dry before placing them inside a box. The whole cookie needs to be completely dry. This includes the outline,filling, and any decorations that go on top of the cookie.I thought I had plenty of time, but I didn’t factor in unexpected delays. A few examples are clumps in the frosting while pipping the cookies,and cookies sliding off of racks while being transported to the freezer.Accidents will happen when you’re in a hurry, allow yourself more than enough time. For example, the “Shiny Shamrocks” were supposed to have edible glitter on them, but instead the “Charmed Clovers” have it. This is another reason why you shouldn’t hurry, you forget things. Take your time,  get creative and make these cookies your own.


                 Now, it is time to critique these two kinds of cookies. The “Shiny Shamrocks” were sweeter than the “Charmed Clovers.” However, the “Charmed Clovers” had a flavorful topping and the base of the cookie was nice and rich. Both of these flavors were good. The stout paired nicely with the Baileys topping for the “Charmed Clovers.”  I discovered if you place the cookies in the refrigerator, they taste even better. 










Shiny Shamrocks


 Shiny Shamrocks            Charmed Clovers Charmed Clovers