It’s that time again, stores are pilling up with heart candies and stuffed animals. Valentine’s Day is rapidly upon us. Some people are anticipating this day, while others are dreading it. As Valentine’s Day approaches I’m quickly reminded of those who don’t have a Valentine this year. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, married, or widowed it is an adjustment to do life. Everyone is trying to do life in the best way possible. No matter what stage of life you’re in we all  have this in common.

Life is a journey and throughout it, are several bumps. We all desire to get through life unscathed. However, if we never went through difficult times we would never experience character growth. I include myself in this because just like you, I too am trying to adjust to life. On the other hand, character growth is the most painful, yet rewarding process we will ever experience. There will be times it hurts to breathe paired with endless nights of crying. Nevertheless, when we look back at who we were and who we have become, we are better versions of ourselves.

This Valentine’s Day we need to remind ourselves that we are all trying to do life. We have no idea what someone is going though. Those who are dreading Valentine’s Day, my challenge to you is to encourage someone else instead of being sad that you are alone.  Create or buy a gift for them, let them know they are appreciated. Those who are looking forward to Valentine’s Day, think of your single friends, and family members.  My challenge to you is to encourage them, don’t judge them. We don’t know what they are going through. We can’t assume we know. Instead, give them a hug and show them you appreciate them. Sometimes it just takes a smile, a hug, or a conversation to make someone feel special. Take the challenge and make someone else feel special this Valentine’s Day!