When the decision is made to start a new business adventure, there’s no guide, or blueprint to the opposition that an entrepreneur will face. Let’s throw in some obstacles because starting a business isn’t hard enough. There’s the physical barriers that can keep an entrepreneur’s progress, stagnant. Then, the mental barriers, which are much more powerful and get do more damage. Mental barriers can immobilize and cripple a business in a matter of seconds. These are just a handful of hurdles that an entrepreneur should be aware of when starting a business.

Physical barriers are like, temporary blocks that can be moved once a task is complete. For example, an entrepreneur who desires to start a food business from home, will have to register with their county and receive approval to sell their goods to the public. Also, keep in mind each county has their own set of rules, so research could be involved. These barriers are not impossible to move, but they are time consuming. They don’t destroy a business, but can certainly delay one.

Now, mental barriers can destroy a first time business. The business could go under, or never get a chance to reach its full potential. An entrepreneur faces what I call, “mind traps” on a daily basis. They are similar to mine traps, but instead of doing physical damage they are kindling mental destruction. The two major “mind traps” to be aware of go hand in hand, which are doubt and anxiety. This ruinous pair is detrimental to a new business. Doubt and anxiety can creep in at any moment and cause numbness to an entrepreneur’s dreams. Doubt can take the form of questions that deal with why an entrepreneur started their business in the first place. Then, anxiety inevitably follows, triggering stressful thoughts about everything related to the new business.

Another, hurdle is perfectionism. First time business owners must be aware of the silent snare. Nowadays, there are software programs and other tools that can fix flaws with just a click of a button. Photos of people, food, art, and nature scenes can appear flawless, even perfect. However, new entrepreneurs must be cautious when duplicating the flawless effect. Perfectionism can ensnare the mind, distorting reality. The truth of the matter is an entrepreneur may be able to click a button on a photo, but they can’t click the imperfections out of themselves, which they are tempted to do. It’s unhealthy and unrealistic to have a mind set that entrepreneurs must be perfect.

Lastly, self worth allows an entrepreneur to start a business as well as, shut it down. In the beginning, self worth helps new entrepreneurs feel a type of purpose. Perhaps they’d like to reach a goal, or may have something to prove to themselves or to others. Whatever the case may be, self worth is what spearheads a new business. Entrepreneurs can be energetic and passionate about their business in the beginning. However, as time goes on and the hype wears off, negative self worth rears its ugly head. It produces insecurities and leads to comparison. This is where an entrepreneur starts to compare their business, or themselves to others.

In conclusion, first time business owners should be aware of the hurdles they may face, to avoid the crippling of their businesses. There are physical and mental barriers that can demolish an entrepreneur’s dreams. Physical barriers slow and delay a business, but is not impossible. However, mental barriers are the most powerful and can creep in slowly, reeking havoc. Some of the “mind traps” are doubt and anxiety, followed by perfectionism and self worth. Any obstacle that an entrepreneur faces will be a challenge. However, if they are aware of the barriers then they can proceed with caution, avoiding those pitfalls.