We all have someone who has influenced us during our journey through life.  Whether that person is a family member or a friend, someone has shaped you in to the person you’ve become. There was some thing special  that caught your attention. Maybe you even allowed that person to influence the decisions you made, and trusted their advice. For me, that person was my mom.

My mom was one of the most influential people in my life. No matter what new adventure or path I took she was my biggest fan. Impossible was never in her vocabulary. I remember every time I had a problem she would rate it on a scale. The scale ranged from one to ten. One being the easiest problem to solve and ten being the most difficult. The highest the number ever reached was a seven. This is when I told my mom I wanted to start a baking business. At the time, I was working for a quality patient care facility which I had training for. I would’t say I enjoyed going to school to receive the training I needed. However, I saw it as a means to an end. I had a goal and I would do my best to reach it.I thought to myself if I pursue this business idea it would be like starting all over. I would be out of my mind to start a new career I’ve never had any training for. Although, my biggest fan was telling me it’s doable, and it’s not impossible. I realized I could pursue this new venture, knowing she had my back and would always be there.

Unfortunately, my mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2017. My world was turned upside down. In June of 2018 my mom had two strokes. The second stroke left her paralyzed on one side of her body, and left her bedridden for the last three months of her life. During this time my family and I decided to go with hospice. My mom’s wishes were to pass away at home and not in a hospital. Now, my hero was fragile and needed my help. It was an easy decision to care for my mom. I stepped up and did what needed to be done. I was blessed to have cared for my mom during those three precious months. It was the least I could do to show her I appreciated her support all those years. It just made sense to take care of her when she needed me the most. A few months later she passed away. I remember every day I took care of her she would joke, and laugh even if her body was weak. She always chose joy even when she was in pain, and things were tough.

Last December, my mom and I had the chance to produce a baking video. However, I didn’t know that this would be the last teaching lesson I would ever learn from my mom. I am very fortunate to have made my first video with my biggest fan. She gave me the confidence to share my passion for baking with others. Hopefully, the video will inspire all of you to pursue your passions, and dreams. Next time, when you make a batch of your favorite treats share them with the people who have inspired you. Life is too short not to enjoy tasty treats, and precious memories with people you care about.